BSB increasingly young: 27 years the average age of pilots at the start

Who (in vain) in these years tried to discredit the British Superbike in the eyes of the public force on a common place. The BSB is the retirement league, the old, the elephant cemetery “. A thesis simply with the facts. True: in the BSB militant veterans of motorcycling across the Channel, but are confronted with emerging talents of the Land of Albion. The comparison between the ” old foxes ” and the ” young lions ” has always been the leit-motiv of the British Superbike: promises in brawl with established protagonists of the category, often and willingly (Jake Dixon and Bradley Ray the most recent cases) able even to beat them. A dualism that is further enhanced at the dawn of a 2019 season that will see a progressive rejuvenation of the starting grid, with the overall average age of the departed again and, not inconsiderable, less than that of the World Superbike.

AGE: 27 YEARS – A trend supported by the facts. Last year, at the start of the inaugural round held at Donington Park, the average age of the starters was 29 years, to be compared to 28 World Superbike. With already confirmed 28 of the 30 drivers taking part in the entire 2019 season, the average age of BSB 2019 members is 27.6 years. A fact favored by the absence of some veterans of the series (see Shane Byrne and Michael Laverty), but also and above all by the grafting of some top level players: the new British Superstock Champion 600 in charge Ryan Vickers (class 1999) or # 1 of the British Supersport in charge Ben Currie (class 1995). For the record: at Phillip Island, the inaugural act of the 2019 World Superbike Championship, the average age of the 18 permanent members of the championship will be 29.6 years …

YOUNG LYONS – The rejuvenation process of the British Superbike will offer riders of different generations in the starting lineup. The already mentioned Ryan Vickers, who will debut with the Vice-Champion team in charge with Jake Dixon, will turn 20 on February 19th next. At the start there will also be two 1997 class (Bradley Ray and Joe Francis), four born in 1995 (Tarran Mackenzie, Fraser Rogers, Ben Currie and David Allingham) and as many in 1993 (Scott Redding, Danny Buchan, Shaun Winfield and Sam Coventry) . The most “elderly”? James Ellison, 39 years old on September 19th. Postponed for a season his retreat resolutions, the 2009 Vice-Champion will have his business to contain a vast array of combative, aggressive and competitive ” young lions ” …


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