Aprilia, Albesiano: We provide maximum guarantees for our riders

Speedcorner.net – Aprilia is in the most difficult moment since deciding to enter MotoGP. As a newcomer to the current era, of course it’s not easy to compete with top teams like Yamaha, Honda and Ducati.

Just as KTM is also still in the developing stage, everything will not be easy at the beginning, and maybe success someday will come.

So far only Suzuki has been able to fight fast to approach the performance of Yamaha, Honda and Ducati.

Aprilia Racing Manager Romano Albesiano did not hide the Aprilia team’s current difficulties. “We have gone through certain phases. For the first two years we have become the protagonists of sustainable growth, and of course we expect a better step forward”. Said Albesiano as quoted from GPOne.com (8/16).

Like KTM, of course as a newcomer the first goal is to win, even if you don’t know when it will happen, but Albesiano guarantees maximum commitment.

“We don’t know when we will win, but we can guarantee a commitment to continue to grow. We have improved our motorbikes compared to last year, but maybe still lacking from our rivals. And we work to create cohesiveness in the working group.”

What Aprilia has to do now is that they have to keep working to develop quickly.

“We have to accelerate our technical growth, it is a must. We need to add more fuel to our engine so we can be faster.”


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