Cal Crutchlow: “I did not move an inch”

The British LCR Honda was slightly ahead in the start of the race yesterday. This action on the part of Crutchlow was captured by the cameras of Race Direction, sanctioning him later with a ride through.

Once again, Cal Crutchlow has had to live a surreal situation. The LCR Honda driver started on the grid as Saturday’s eighth in Q2, having a good pace throughout the weekend of the Argentine Grand Prix. The Briton was, in fact, one of the pilots that was counted in the struggle of the front group, but had no luck.

As explained in the MotoGP regulations, when the traffic lights are turned on, no one can make a move, however small. If a pilot goes ahead while the traffic light is turning off, this is recognized as jump start and the sanction that corresponds to this action is the ride trough, as what Crutchlow himself had to do yesterday passing through the pit lane in full race .

In this same video, from the official account of the MotoGP championship they explain how the movement that conditioned the entire Crutchlow race at Termas de Río Hondo. In addition, the Honda went to the offices of Career Management just after the test to present a claim that had virtually no meaning.

“I have not done anything wrong, it’s just ridiculous”

According to the argument presented by Cal after the test won by Marc Márquez, he dictates that he himself had a pace in the race to finish second, a place that Valentino Rossi occupied in front of Andrea Dovizioso. “It has not been a ‘jump start’, it seems that Freddie Spencer thinks different, he has run in the 80s when they always failed in the start. I do not know what your problem is, “said the LCR Honda.

In his defense, Crutchlow said that when you are on the grid and you are leaning on one foot, it is not as if you had overtaken the bike. “If you look at the camera next door, which is what I was shown, I moved. But it was not even an inch. I balanced on my feet “, tried to demonstrate Cal according to Crash.

He keeps his opinion, but accepts what happened

“I do not change my mind. I have accepted the sanction and I have done it … My opinion about Freddie [Spencer] as a race director has now fallen, “acknowledged the Briton according to Corsedimoto. “If in the next race the video is shown in the security commission, the other pilots will laugh at him,” he said harshly about Spencer.

On the other hand, he does not regret what happened after having to go through the pit lane to comply with the penalty. “I have to be proud of my career because at least I picked up some points in the championship. My pace in the race was pretty good for a second place, which makes everything more gleaming now, “announced Crutchlow. “I’ve accepted it, I have to look forward and have a good race in Austin.” As Cal has said, the next appointment will be the Americas Grand Prize, in Austin, a circuit that has a single winner: Márquez.



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