Dovizioso: one team with Marquez? that’s not a problem!

Previously Dovizioso put pressure on Ducati to try to approach Marquez in 2021 after Marquez’s contract with Honda ended. Then what happens if Marquez joins Ducati with Dovizioso?

As you know, Dovizioso is one of Marquez’s toughest enemies in the last two years, of course it would be very interesting to see them in the same team.

Dovizioso’s contract will expire in 2020, but the 32-year-old rider frankly said it would not matter if he had to fight Marquez on the same team.

“This will be a good thing (to become a teammate with Marquez),” said Dovizioso.

“When you are with a champion, like me now with Jorge Lorenzo, you will always learn something, regardless of your relationship with them.”

According to Dovizioso, every champion rider has different characteristics, so it will be very useful to learn and find something new, especially riders like Marquez or Lorenzo.

“Every champion rider has his own characteristics and it will be a great thing to be able to have their data in your hands and understand what he is doing.”

“When you study the data of opponents riding different bikes, you cannot see the data in detail. So it will be very interesting to learn.” Dovi said as quoted from Autosport.


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