Ducati fired Lorenzo, Yamaha will be happy!

Jorge Lorenzo out from Ducati

SPEEDCORNER.NETJorge Lorenzo‘s position at Ducati is currently at the end of the horn, considering the Ducati Boss plans no longer want to continue cooperation with the Spaniard because it never gives results as expected, even assessed its performance increasingly decreased.

Do you think Lorenzo’s career in MotoGP will run out after he was fired Ducati? That’s bullshit, the fact isn’t that easy. Now we are talking who the drivers are able to stop the championship of Marc Marquez, Yes he is Jorge Lorenzo, though only once.

Jorge Lorenzo will continue, not only that, like an article written by Italian media, Corsedimoto mentions that Lorenzo will most likely return to Yamaha, and it looks like Yamaha will be happy to host Lorenzo’s return.

But can it be? The answer is CAN, because Lorenzo isn’t alone. For example, Carmelo Ezpeleta as MotoGP championship boss, of course will not let Lorenzo go from MotoGP for some reason.

With Ducati putting Jorge Lorenzo at the exit, that means Ducati has done a great favor to Yamaha. How come? Yep can! Lorenzo is someone who is able to give the title to Yamaha in the last decade.

Perhaps you will ask what the underlying reason why Yamaha is happy if Lorenzo returns, the answer is simple, he has won three titles with Yamaha, but that’s not the main factor. There are other factors such as the lack of Yamaha riders who have or who can bring Yamaha YZR M1 to maximum performance.

For example Johann Zarco, he was able to perform perfectly as a new rider in MotoGP with Yamaha Satellite, but starting next year He will go with KTM after no access to go to Yamaha Movistar.

While Valentino Rossi is not young anymore, even predicted he will retire after his last contract runs out. Likewise also with Macerick Vinales who is currently still fasting victory for more than 12 months, even arguably its performance is not better than Valentino Rossi.

If Yamaha does not immediately repair their bikes then most likely Yamaha does not have an ace for the championship next season. With the return of Lorenzo Yamaha will again have an Ace, with a note if Lorenzo can bring Yamaha YZR M1 to the top with a motor performance like this season.



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