Hit Vinales, Morbidelli: I’m Fast But He’s Too Slow

Morbidelli was very lucky because he avoided a serious injury after experiencing an incident with a Yamaha rider, Maverick Vinales at the seventh corner during the last round.

When fighting for sixth position with Maverick Vinales and Danilo Petrucci, Morbidelli nudged Vinales’s rear tires as they accelerated behind the Ducati.

Morbidelli explained that the incident was not because he wanted to overtake Vinales, but because he was too fast after making a double slipstream from Vinales and Petrucci.

“I’m too fast. I’m trying to reach at least sixth position,” Morbidelli said. “I don’t want to overtake anyone there. I arrived at corner seven with a double slipstream.

“I was a little too fast, and he slowed down to try to cut the line overtaking Petrucci. These two things together do not go well. But it was great luck that we were both fine. ”

After the incident Vinales immediately approached Morbidelli. Vinales wasn’t angry, he just said to Morbidelli “Are you okay?”.

Vinales himself did not want to make the problem big, and considered it a racing incident.


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