Manager Andrea Dovizioso wants a contract deal as soon as possible

SPEEDCORNER.NET – For the moment Andrea Dovizioso not only thinks of his struggle on the track, but also is thinking about negotiating his contract with the Ducati team. This negotiation is not easy because there are many things to consider.

Previous Ducati team manager Davide Tardozzi has negotiated for the first time with Andrea, but manager Andrea Dovizioso, Simone Battistella told that Andrea has rejected Ducati’s first offer because it has not met expectations.

And Simone Battistella stressed that the demands of his students are actually quite realistic, namely Dovizioso just want to get what is worthy for what Andrea has produced. For now the two sides have not negotiated yet, but Simone Battistella wants the contract deal to be quickly resolved as what he told

“We are working on it, both with Andrea and Ducati wanting to find a win-win deal for everyone, I hope it will soon come to an agreement, it would be better if it was resolved as soon as possible, because then Andrea can concentrate on the race again,” said Battistella.

Simone also talks about Jorge Lorenzo who is Andrea’s teammate who until now has not been able to compete with Ducati.

“I can not judge Jorge One thing is clear: Ducati is a bike that you must understand correctly.If you can not do that, you will have difficulties, but if you can use the power of this bike for yourself, then you will be very satisfied with it, “said Battistella.


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