Marquez can determine the Runner-UP this season (2018)

Marc Marquez has successfully locked the 2018 world champion, because he has won the race on the Motegi circuit, Japan 2018.

In the remaining three races this season is predicted to continue to run dramatically, because Andrea Dovizioso and Valentino Rossi will fight for second place in the final standings.

But do you know that this season’s Runner-up title can be determined by someone? How to, who is he? yes, he is Marquez! Marquez holds the destiny of Dovi and Rossi.

As happened in 2015, Marc Marquez can determine who will be the world champion that season. Yes, he chose Jorge Lorenzo.

At that Marquez didn’t have hope for a champion, but he intervened in the battle of Lorenzo vs Rossi who was fighting for the world champion.

The highlight is when the race at Sepang, Malaysia 2015. Marquez plays Rossi’s race, he can quickly even he can catch up Lorenzo but he doesn’t do that.

He prefers to play with Rossi in the back, which finally happened a very embarrassing incident for the MotoGP sport. At that time the MotoGP sport was completely tarnished.

In this season Marquez can do it again to Dovizioso and Rossi. Marquez could play Dovizioso and Rossi’s emotions, depending on Marquez choosing Dovi or Rossi.

In the remaining three races, Marquez has no target, he can play with anyone. But will Marquez do it? I don’t think so!

Because if seen from the performance of Dovizioso + Ducati is more competitive compared to Rossi + Yamaha, so without Marquez interfering is also likely Dovizioso who will be the Runner-UP this season.

This article is not a riotous article, but to straighten out the public thinking that accused Marquez of doing so. Because without doing that, the Runner-up title can be predicted.


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