MotoGP: Lucio Cecchinello “The Honda RC213V has a great engine. And it’s not over here”

SPEEDCORNER.NET – the GP of Austin did not go as it was reasonable to expect but Lucio Cecchinello’s LCR team is still experiencing a magical moment. Cal Crutchlow won the GP of Argentina, leaping to the command of the MotoGP as a British driver did not happen since 1979, with the legendary Barry Sheene. Despite the American misstep, Cal is only eight points from the top spot. This is how Luccio Cecchinello is living this moment, the patron of the Honda HRC satellite training that also runs the Japanese Takaaki Nakagami.
“It was an extraordinary satisfaction. But we are aware that, as we have done a great start to the season, those that were normal to expect in front have had setbacks. Being in the lead after two races does not have an important meaning, I would like to be two at the end. Let’s keep our feet on the ground. “
But it was since 2004, Sete Gibernau in the Gresini team, that a private individual did not drive the World Championship.
“I think it’s also because the Houses have relaunched the satellite teams, providing them with material much closer to that of the officers. You see it with the Ducati with Petrucci, we with the Hrc, but also the Yamaha with Zarco, I do not think the Tech3 has such an old bike ».
She, as a driver, was first in the 125cc World Championship in 2003 at Mugello, on a par with Dani Pedrosa. Now it was anchen by team principal.
“Much better as a pilot. Personal satisfaction is higher, as a pilot you live in another dimension, you feel special, because actually what you do at 300 an hour is not normal. But life evolves and be in the positions of the rank of the World with a structure like ours, which is followed very closely by the HRC, but still has limited human resources is a great satisfaction.
Crutchlow has honored you for the work you are doing.
“Let’s say he was good, we tried to always give him our best. In today’s MotoGP the tuning of the bike is very complicated, including electronics, engine, chassis, tires, suspensions. Making everything work harmoniously is extremely difficult and it is clear that the official teams have a greater number of engineers who control small areas. We, for example, with 4 engineers do the job that they do with 12-15 in the Hrc box. We often post on the social photos of when we go out in the evening from the circuit, the empty parking lots: “Even tonight we won the race of the last”. We do exhausting hours ».
Crutchlow is convinced he can play with everyone.
“I agree with him. Cal was from the first winter test with the first. Then we will have to see how things will evolve over the course of the year. Honda already gives us a lot of help, normal that some minor updates arrive first at Marquez. I do not think it will be a problem of quality of the support, I’m more worried about the evolution of the performances of Viñales or Lorenzo, which for now are missing in front “.
Is Crutchlow in his best moment?
“Yes, he is an extraordinary guy who has changed his sports career, from Supersport to Superbike to MotoGP, and Case, Honda, Ducati and now Honda. It is the first time that he has a continuous program with the same bike and the same staff. Today to make the difference you have to work on small details and to do it well you need skills, understanding and alchemy that are created over time. Cal has experience of the bike, the technicians have learned to know it and, now that the right environment has been created, it has also calmed down ».
You doubled with Takaaki Nakagami.
“The results in qualifying did not live up to its potential, but it is a pilot that reflects the Japanese mentality: at first they are reluctant and study the situation. But in the race he always pulled out of the difficulties. He has quality, we have to give him time, recognizing how he, Morbidelli and Luthi have the Honda at the end of 2017 which, as a motor, is not at the same level as the current one ».
Is the RC213V the best bike on the grid?
“If I were a driver I would have no doubt, I would choose a Honda, although theoretically the Yamaha is perhaps a little more drivable. But Honda has a great engine. And it did not end here. “


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