MotoGP Spectators Are Getting Bored, Dorna Has To Do Something

Who doesn’t know MotoGP? Everyone knows both small people and adults. MotoGP is one of the biggest racing sports in the world because it uses motorcycles with special technology that is not publicly traded.

MotoGP has always been a very popular racing sport because it presents a lot of interesting action done by riders on the track. It is not uncommon for us as spectators to be excited when there is a moment of overtaking between riders.

Olden all riders were almost competitive and able to compete, the gap between racers was also not too far away. Everyone can have a chance to win.

We realize that as time goes by and technological developments there will definitely be something that changes. But we really don’t expect that changes will also occur at the level of competitiveness of the MotoGP riders themselves.

As we know that Marquez is one of the fastest riders in MotoGP at the moment, maybe even the only one. He always appears competitive on all circuits, in every race everyone knows that he will win.

If in the past MotoGP was very interesting, it’s different from now, now everything has changed, even it can be said that MotoGP is boring. When watching MotoGP we feel like watching a fishing program. From the beginning until the end of the race we rarely find the action of overtaking between riders.

We as spectators can predict who will win, and when there will be a moment of overtaking. Yes, we all know that Marquez will win. Although during the race he was still in second position and as if chasing the driver in front, but we already know that he will win because he will put pressure on the last lap. He always does that in almost every race. Very boring.

Because of that, so every time we watch MotoGP we don’t need to watch from beginning to end. We only need to turn on the TV when it starts, then turn off the TV and then turn on the TV again when the race is almost complete. That’s because in the middle of the race there are no interesting moments. With that we can save on electricity bills.

Dorna as a MotoGP promoter must act immediately to fix this problem as before. In the past Dorna ever conducted a single ECU program with the aim that all riders could compete in the front row. So all teams must use the ECU recommended by Dorna, that is the ECU Magneti Marelli. But now what happens? Is that goal going well? See reality now!

We don’t demand that all riders or teams be competitive, because we realize that every riderr and team has different abilities. But it is very strange if from 22 riders only 1 rider can almost win in every race, in this case the example is Marc Marquez. In this season Marquez never finished outside the top two, he only once did not climb the podium when he fell in the AmericanGP.

Is it wrong if Marquez always wins? Of course the answer is NO! But why only Marquez? Whereas his teammates who use the same bike can’t be like Marquez even though he’s a world champion 3 times?

We are happy if Marquez wins, even the world champion. But we also want something else, we want an interesting show even though we know that racing is not drama. Give back the old MotoGP!


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