Not The Main Enemy, But Why Does Marquez Hate Rossi?

The race in Misano, Italy 15/09/2019 turned out to create a long polemic between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi. Especially about what Marc Marquez did to Rossi and Rossi fans at Misano.

Marquez won the race at Misano. After the race Marquez said that the incident between Him and Rossi in the qualifying session made Marquez get more motivation to win.

That is a statement that has a double meaning. Rossi also responded to Marquez’s statement by saying “I don’t need to create problems with other riders to get extra motivation”.

What happened in the qualifying session might also not be a coincidence, it seems Marquez has something planned when trailing Rossi. Because normally riders will keep their distance to get the best time when qualifying, but why Marquez didn’t do that? And why should Rossi? Though he himself knew that Rossi was not a fast rider to get the best time when qualifying. And without trailing Rossi, Marquez can reach the pole by itself.

When the race ended, Marquez also celebrated an excessive victory he had never do before. He kept screaming throughout the celebration. When celebrating on the track He also seemed to give an impolite gesture in front of supporters of Rossi, as if to inform people “that I am the current king of MotoGP”.

And while at Parc Ferme, Marquez also did the same thing. He kept shouting and giving excessive gesture to Rossi supporters who were present there, as if he said “come on, shout at me however you wish,” as stated by Guido Meda.

Then why did Marquez do that? While Marquez’s main enemy in the standings isn’t Rossi? To beat Rossi is also not something difficult. Why?

In my opinion, Marquez did that not because he wanted to show who was the fastest and who won, but he wanted to prove he was the best. But why should it be to Rossi and Rossi’s supporters? Because as we know that at this time Rossi is still be something special for the MotoGP sport, and Marquez wants to erase that. Then why does it have to be at Misano? Yes because it’s Rossi’s home.

Marquez is always haunted by Rossi’s shadow. Everything Rossi doing has also been he do and imitated. Even the number of champions will soon be able to rival Rossi, even very easily. But Marquez felt that was not enough. Then he tried to provoke Rossi fans with celebrations and gestures that were not worth watching.

So the conclusion is that Marquez’s goal is not to beat Valentino Rossi on the circuit or record of achievement, but to beat BIG NAME Valentino Rossi in MotoGP sports. Because Marquez wants that place.


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