Rossi: Yamaha can be competitive only with this condition?

As we know that in this season Yamaha M1 is still hit by problems, even the problems that suffered last season has not been solved until now.

Actually the problem on the Yamaha YZR-M1 motor is not a problem that is difficult to detect, even all Yamaha people already know what the problem is, but never find a solution.

Due to the problem, during this season none of the Yamaha riders are able to win the race, of course this is a bad situation. Rossi has only five podium finishes, and Vinales is only three times.

Since the beginning of the season Valentino Rossi has often filed complaints to Yamaha technicians about electronic problems, the same is also done by Vinales. That’s what makes them difficult to fight for victory.

There is only one condition that they can be competitive with M1 on the podium, that is the temperature of the track. Yep, Yamaha M1 will be competitive if the asphalt trajectory has a strong grip.

“The situation is very clear that Honda and Ducati are very competitive and we have problems. We can be competitive just by relying on the grip on each track, if the asphalt circuit has a strong grip, then there we can be competitive and fight for the podium ”

Valentino Rossi hopes there will be a solution from Japan for this problem so that all the racers can be competitive.

“Marquez leads the championship standings, after all he is stronger, that’s the reality”

“But as always, we will try to fight with everything there is. There are still ten races remaining, we hope we can solve some problems that exist “. Said Valentino Rossi.


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