The incidents of Lorenzo, Dovizioso and Pedrosa, they blame each other!

SPEEDCORNER.NET – As a spectator of the glass screen of course you are still curious about what happened during the race in Jerez, Spain involving three fallen riders, namely Jorge Lorenzo, Andrea Dovizioso and Dani Pedrosa.

Many say that it’s wrong Lorenzo, it’s wrong Dovi and it’s wrong Dani Pedrosa, it’s normal because as a spectator we can only give value. Now stop your argument to blame each other, you better read their own opinions directly involved in the incident.

Dani Pedrosa:

“I really can’t make the braking too hard, I also lose on the straight track, So I wait until the end of the race to see if their tires lose grip or not, if yes then I can chance to take over, or maybe take a chance for some of their mistakes. “

“At last, at that point, they made a mistake.They both widened and it is worth noticing that at that time I was no faster than those on the corner, if I were faster then it would be impossible for me to be on a normal line. I am not fast but they are slow because of widening. “

“The problem is Jorge cuts Dovi too soon after there is a gap and he wants to recover his position and maybe he doesn’t expect me to be there for a reason.”

“The next thing I know ‘GUBRAKK!’ Big collision with Jorge, and Dovi also participated in the incident. “

“What I can say is that at that moment there was one gap I could take advantage of, then I started spinning and I was really on the right side of my bike so I couldn’t see anything [at out].

“On the contrary, Lorenzo is leaning on the inside of the track, He should be able to see me I think when you come out of the racing line and you want to get back to the normal racing line you should check the situation around you, but he doesn’t do it And finally we touch , and we’re in an accident, and there’s nothing we can do now.

“We all did a very good race and I am very sad and disappointed, for me but also for them, they are also doing a good race, but the collision means zero points, especially for Dovi who has more points on the standings board.

Jorge Lorenzo:

“The picture is clear, but honestly I don’t want to talk too much about it or say it’s her fault and her fault, because we’re the three cleanest riders in the championship, so it was a very unfortunate incident, and us finished on the pitch, and we have never been in such an incident before.

“Obviously I don’t see Pedrosa.Everything happens so fast, I try to come on track as usual, because when you move wide, then you have to come and come back to get the best acceleration, but suddenly Dani is there, and then we crash , everything happens like a domino shard As I said, very unlucky for all three, especially for Ducati and Andrea, because they are fighting for the championship.

“Today, I told Juanito, who showed me the pit board at the time, he told me that there was a rider in the back, they just put the symbol ‘G3’ which means there are three riders, me and two behind me, but I don’t know where the third rider is, whether he is far or near, So the third rider is the only one who knows the situation well, not me, because we have no eyes behind our heads, So who’s behind, he has to be responsible. “

“But anyway, Dani, I, and Dovi, haven’t been involved in such actions before, so I don’t want to say ‘it’s your fault, your fault’.

Andrea Dovizioso:

“If we fall it means someone has made a mistake, for sure, Dani and Jorge have made a mistake.”

“Dani is the third driver so when you are behind you should be able to manage the situation in front of you well .. He is on the normal line, but he gets in faster than usual because he wants to take a chance.”

“But on the other hand Jorge also doesn’t care about the rider behind him and he tries to get back to the normal line very quickly, as fast as he can.

“I think the biggest mistake is for Dani who is behind us, but in fact it’s our fault all, the important thing isn’t something bad happens so I don’t want to say they should be punished or something else.”

“But I came home with my zero points and 20 points.”


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