Unique fact: The only non-Spanish rider who can win in Motorland Aragon

Speedcorner.net – MotoGP races will be held again this weekend at the Motorland Aragon circuit, Spain, (21-23/9/2018). Aragon MotoGP entered the MotoGP calendar since 2010.

The 5.1 km circuit is the result of the design of renowned architect from German, Hermann Tilke. Hermann Tilke is already known as a circuit designer who prioritizes speed, That’s why the Motorland Aragon circuit that has a fast character is an advantage for bikes that have powerful engines like Honda and Ducati.

Based on the statistical data of champions in Aragon MotoGP since 2010 there are things that are quite unique. As many as 8 times Aragon MotoGP was held, the most winners were won by Spanish riders.

They are Marc Marquez (2013; 2016-2017); Jorge Lorenzo (2015-2015) and Dani Pedrosa (2012).

But do you know, there are non-Spanish drivers who can become MotoGP Aragon champions?

Ya, the only rider not from Spain who won the MotoGP Aragon was Casey Stoner from Australia. Casey Stoner won the Aragon MotoGP title in the 2010 and 2011 seasons ago.

Not only that! He is also the only rider who can win races in Aragon with two different bikes, namely with Honda and Ducati. Casey Stoner won with Ducati (2010) and Honda (2011).

List of champions in MotoGP Aragon:

2017  Marc Marquez (Honda)
 2016  Marc Marquez (Honda)
 2015  Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)
 2014  Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)
 2013  Marc Marquez (Honda)
 2012  Dani Pedrosa (Honda)
 2011  Casey Stoner (Honda)
 2010  Casey Stoner (Ducati)

How about the winner tomorrow? Who are your predictions?


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