Which Team Marquez Wants To Run Besides Honda, Isle of Man? He Said!

Marc Marquez met his fans directly while visiting South America. That way fans can ask directly to Marquez.

Many questions were asked to Marquez, such as ‘What is the limit of the world champion his want to achieve’ and ‘who is the opponent that interests him the most’.

But there is one of the most interesting topics from what he discussed with his fans, which is about his future in MotoGP, whether to stay at Honda or move to another team.

Fans: “besides Honda, which team do you want to run?”

Marquez replied that it all depends on passion, desire, and comfort, not only because of money. Because he knew that many teams could pay him higher than Honda, but that wasn’t the goal.

Marc Marquez: “I can’t say where I’m going, because it’s about passion, not economy. Now I see myself at Honda, and here I feel very valued”

In addition there were fans who asked about whether maybe Marc Marquez would run on the Isle Of Man TT, but Marquez said NO.

He thinks the race is for fun, not for playing with life.

“I will not run the Isle of Man. I run on motorbikes for fun and on the Isle of Man you run to play your life. But I respect those who do it.” Marquez said.


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