Why has Marquez never have a problem with tire grip?

Why has Marc Marquez never have a problem with tire grips? Actually this is a trivial question, but the answer is so complicated and confusing. Throughout the 2018 MotoGP season we almost never heard Marquez having problems with tires during the race.

This is very strange and confusing, not just us as fans, even others riders are confused about it.

Actually there are several factors that can affect the tire’s degradation or weak grip. Like because of the weather, track temperature, and ridding style factors of the riders. But do all these factors haven’t effect on the tires used by Marquez? Only God knows.

Like a race in Japan yesterday. Dovizioso uses the front tire of the soft compound and the rear tire of the medium compound, Marquez used medium compound on both tires, Cal Crutchlow used the same tires used by Marquez.

But from those three riders who doesn’t have problems with tires? Ya, only Marquez.

When leading the race Dovizioso has good pace. In my view, to maintain the tire grip until the end of the race, Dovizioso used a very strange strategy.

On certain laps he is fast, a few laps then slow, and then fast again. I think that is an attempt by Dovizioso to keep the tire grip. But with the Dovi strategy or game, Marc Marquez can still follow behind Dovi, even as if enjoying a Dovi game and is sure that Dovizioso will run out of grip.

And in the end Marquez managed to overtake Dovi when Dovi’s grip was almost gone. Dovi himself was also confused about that.

“Marquez was extraordinary, and he deserved to win the world title this season. But this time I was very confused as to why he was so easy to pass me and continue to stay in front. I was really surprised, how fast did he change his racing style? I really don’t know, maybe I should learn it. “ Dovizioso Said.

Cal Crutchlow uses the same tire as Marquez. From the start Cal was able to follow Marquez, and in the end Cal ran out of grip around the last 5 laps, but why didn’t Marquez?

“Everyone will believe that it will be a battle until the last corner.”

“I am happy for the team that has done great work all weekend. Dovizioso set the pace throughout the race, but at one point I had problems with the rear tire grip, I tried to save the tire, until I finally got second and I was happy. Now we must continue this good spirit, “Cal Crutchlow said.

Not just yesterday’s race, the same thing happened when the Sachsenring MotoGP, Germany. At that time Marquez used Soft compound tires, while other opponents used medium and some hard tires. Many drivers who use medium or hard tires complain that they are running out of grip, But why does the soft compound tire used by Marquez have no problems?

This article isn’t propaganda. Many people think that Marquez is using magic tires, or getting a special tire from Michelin, because this sport is also part of politics, but is that possible?

The answer is no. Maybe we can argue, but if you think that Marquez got a special tire from Michelin it seems that is impossible.

Then how can the tires used by Marquez always last until the end of the race? The answer is back to factors, weather factors, temperature factors, racing style factors, and especially the riders factor.

It all depends on how the driver manages the tire so the grip can last until the end of the race, and Marquez is able to do it all somehow.


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