A Close-Up Look At The 2018 Suzuki Burgman 400 Scooter

Speedcorner.net – For 2018, Suzuki took its “luxury-class” Burgman 400 scooter to another level, updating the look and improving performance. Sportier bodywork and a redesigned nose—topped by a smaller, more aerodynamic windshield—make the front end narrower and lighter than previous models. (Claimed overall weight has been reduced by 15 pounds, to 474.) LED lights, front and rear, complete the package.

– The Burgman’s 399cc of smooth power make two-up riding realistic; dual front discs (260mm) and ABS add punch to the stopping power. For full-on scooter touring, step up to the Burgman 650 Executive ($11,049).

Under the “hood,” the Burgman scooter is powered by a DOHC, 399cc, single-cylinder engine. It’s also new, and Suzuki claims it delivers more low- to midrange torque and improved fuel-efficiency. Other key features/updates to the 2018 Burgman include: lighter, more rigid frame; 15-inch front wheel; and 42 liters of underseat storage capacity.

– Supreme utility and a layer of luxury performance make the Burgman 400 an around-town multi-tool with commuting chops.

– The 13-inch rear wheel and single disc brake assembly of the 2018 Suzuki Burgman. The dash-mounted parking brake works by pushing against one side of the 210mm rear disc.

– In profile, the Suzuki Burgman is long and sleek. While overall length and wheelbase didn’t change significantly for 2018, improved acceleration and a lighter, stiffer chassis make the new Burgman the best Burgman, in terms of ride and response.

Coastal cruising is comfortable—and stable—in part because of a new, larger 15-inch front wheel. Forward footrests allow taller riders to stretch out.
– Seat height is 29.7 inches, more than 1.5 inches higher than on the previous model. A narrower seat and cutouts in the floorboards somewhat offset the additional height, making it easier to reach the ground while at a stop. 
-An outlet in one of the two front storage compartments keeps riders powered up. But bring an adaptor; there’s no USB port.


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