The T12 Massimo makes its debut: the bike dedicated to the Maestro

SPEEDCORNER.NET – It’s been 4 years since the disappearance of the unforgettable Massimo Tamburini. The genius, the artist recognized as one of the greatest motorcycle designers in history, returns to make his many admirers dream, which to this day still regret their disappearance.

Dad of so many entries in law in history, as Ducati 916, the Cagiva Mito and Cagiva C500 in addition to the MV F4, had one last dream in the drawer. A dream that could not, however, personally bring to fulfillment. His son Andrea, who together with a staff of designers, gave birth to the T12 Massimo . An extreme super sports car, destined for a limited production and that is now ready to debut.
CONTROLLED TORSION – This exclusive work on two wheels contains many interesting technical solutions, among which the patent of a system to adjust the torsion of the frame stands out.
This patent, which frees the front / final area of ​​the frame from the tube, provides the possibility to vary the elasticity in this crucial area of ​​the chassis and allow the structure to flex in a controlled manner, going to make up for the operating limits of the fork. at the maximum angles of fold. Solution that aims to make the bike very effective during the curve.

The technical features of the T12 Massimo do not stop here. All the components are stuff of the first order starting from the suspensions: front and rear are exotic Öhlins, with fork FGR, the braking system, Racing, is a Brembo system also derived from GP, with complete discs and calipers of quick attacks.
The engine, which comes from a BMW S1000 RR and hated according to the Superbike rules, is capable of more than 230 hp . In addition, the dry weight of only 154.5 kg makes the T12 Massimo a creepy vehicle.

SEXY BOMB – Needless to say, the great body of this latest Tamburini idea is the bodywork design. The lines are an evolution of those already seen on MV sports, with elements in carbon fiber. The single-sided magnesium stands out (like the Marchesini forged wheels) and the many details obtained from the full in ergal. To finish with the drain, a masterpiece of technique, which almost disappears between the bellies of the T12 Massimo.
So much grace is finally to debut in the market even if obviously we are talking about a limited edition (we still do not know the actual volumes) : 12 specimens however were exposed to the Top Marques of Monaco, the kermesse dedicated to luxury, last week. The price? For a lucky few : it will seem to reach one million Dollars.


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