Alvaro Bautista Will Return to MotoGP With Requirements Like This!

After moving from MotoGP to WSBK, Alvaro Bautista was increasingly successful in carrying out a career as a racer at WSBK. In the first three series of WSBK races, Bautista successfully created a perfect victory.

Until now, not one WSBK driver has been able to pursue Alvaro Bautista’s power, even Jonathan Rea who is a subscription to the WSBK world champion was unable to approach Bautista.

Winning nine times in the first three WSBK races did not make Bautista bury the opportunity to return to MotoGP.

Bautista perormance statistic

It was delivered during a press conference after the race at Aragon last Sunday.

But of course the priority now is to focus on the race at WSBK, because He feels that this is His real place.

“At the moment I’m focusing on Superbike because this is the priority. I’m here competing with good races and getting important results,” said Alvaro Bautista from

And if there is a team that wants the Bautista to return to MotoGP, then the team must meet the requirements as requested by Bautista.

“I will return to MotoGP only for the factory team,” said the Spanish racer.

Yes, the terms is the factory team. That is a very realistic requirement if you look at what Bautista has done so far at WSBK.

But that was not impossible, because before Alvaro Bautista had proved a good performance when replacing Jorge Lorenzo on the Ducati manufacturer’s team, and he proved it in just one race.

So, it is not impossible if the Ducati manufacturer team wants to bring Bautista to MotoGP.


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