Honda Manager | Do not know what budget looks like

SPEEDCORNER.NET – With Triple-M there is a second Honda team in the Superbike World Cup 2018 for years again. Simon Buckmaster wants to move up for 2019, but he has to raise the double budget, as for his Supersport team.

Team boss Simon Buckmaster regularly talks about ascending into the Superbike World Championship with his Supersport team and Honda, but so far he has never been able to get the money.

“My goal has always been for my team to go to Superbike World Championships,” emphasizes the Englishman. “But the conditions must be right. Why should not we be another Honda satellite team? Of course we could be. Ten Kate is not a factory team. I enjoy driving in the highest possible category. If we could, we would be in the MotoGP World Championship. We are a good team. I never thought the Honda was a bad motorcycle. I always knew that the bike with the right driver, Leon Camier is an undervalued and very, very good driver, can be competitive. “

For Honda Motor Europe, it is conceivable to equip a third team in 2019. “We could help Simon to a similar extent as we are doing now with Triple-M,” said Chris Pike, the Superbike World Championship Responsible Manager. “Triple-M takes care of the financing itself, we help them out. If Simon has secured his part of the budget, we can talk. We primarily help material with Triple-M, they have access to the same parts as the Red Bull team. We also share the data. But I can not tell you what our 2019 budget will look like. “

It does not make much difference to you if you have two, three or four teams? “Management becomes more difficult then,” says Pike. “We’re happy about every other Honda on the track. Our bike has improved significantly over last year. »

Buckmaster told that he will have no trouble finding the right parts for the Superbike World Championship. “I have a close relationship with Honda UK. As far as the chassis is concerned, the BSB and Red Bull bikes are very similar, “said the 57-year-old.

Honda manager Pike disagrees: “We have our own development for the chassis and swingarm, this material is different than in BSB. I worked there in the workshop, I know what is installed on the BSB machines. The sooner we know how many teams we have to supply parts, the better. First we have to set our budget for 2019, then we can say if it makes sense to equip another team. This assumes that this potential new team is financially well positioned, such as Triple-M. If that’s true, then there’s not much in the way of a deal. “


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